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Duero (by Dressy)

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Considered Dressy’s most versatile table, Duero has been designed with robustness but without ignoring the elegance characteristic of the collection. Round, square, oval, barrel…. Its sizes and different top-table shapes make it suitable anywhere at home or for any use in contract. 27 different sizes between extendable and fixed guarantee the success.

Extendable with style

Introducing our versatile extendable tables with ceramic tops – the epitome of functional elegance for your living space. Choose from a range of 11 different sizes to perfectly complement your interior aesthetic. Unveiling a showstopper among them, our flagship table measures an impressive 300x120cm, extendable up to a generous 4 meters. Elevate your dining experience with style and adaptability. Discover the perfect fit for your home and make every gathering a memorable one. Explore the possibilities of seamless design and practicality with our extendable tables – where innovation meets sophistication.

DUero Extensible.png
Also fixed table

Fixed table also available in a stunning array of up to 14 sizes. The Duero allows you to tailor your choice to match your unique preferences and the dimensions of your living space. Each size reflects the meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail that define Dressy's commitment to quality

A specialist in interior design will contact you to provide assistance

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