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My Design Philosophy

May 2001. Marc Magenti Ambientes was born of more than 40 years of professional experience in the furniture sector in Girona. Excitement about a project involves different professionals who are obsessed with a concept. A very simple concept: offering the best environment for you to enjoy the maximum comfort.

FOTO MM EQUIP_edited.jpg

This obsession with comfort led us to seek and create a symbol. It represents the three positions on which man bases his rest:

  • Seated

  • Reclined

  • Outstretched


The Phoenicians, the Greeks, the Romans, Galileo Galilei and Eastern cultures knew how important the study of human anatomy was. We want to continue exploring this discipline.
To maximize people’s comfort, we’ve decided to collaborate with multidisciplinary professionals (architects, decorators, interior specialists, designers, etc.). Working as a team allows us to reach the most ambitious objectives – for ourselves, for our professionals and for our clients.

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