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by Pianca

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Pianca's Milano wardrobe embodies the quintessence of interior design. With a harmonious fusion of contemporary forms and exquisite functionality, this piece of excellence provides a unique storage solution. The Milano seamlessly combines sleek lines with premium materials, creating furniture that is not only aesthetically stunning but also practical and enduring.

Like in a personal boutique

Like in a personal boutique, objects and clothing become elements to enhance and display with elegance and order. The glass doors, defined by a frame painted in Canna di Fucile or Palladio finish, emphasize and enrich the compositions. The visible internal equipment demonstrates a great ability to organize space efficiently and elegantly. The swing opening of the doors is also noteworthy, reaching an angle of 180°, with pin hinges.

Find your favourite configuration

Whether you prefer a modern, minimalist look or a more classic and ornate style, the Milano wardrobe is a versatile canvas waiting to be personalized. Its ability to harmonize with individual tastes ensures that every space it graces becomes a testament to the artistry of personal expression and the celebration of elegance


A specialist in interior design will contact you to provide assistance

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